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December 2023

Dogs in an Urban Environment

Friday, September 29, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

Before you hit the streets with your city dog, make sure that you teach him a few basic commands. “Sit” and “stay” always works when you’re waiting for a traffic light to change. “Heel” keeps in close to you when you need control on crowded city streets. “Leave it” is helpful if he picks up something that he shouldn’t eat. “Come” can be a life saver if he slips through his leash. As a city dog owner, it’s really up to you to keep your dog out of harms way. Make sure that you are respectful of other people you may meet. Not everyone is a dog lover even some dogs can be wary of your dog.  Always ask before you let your dog approaches someone or another dog. Most important, you should learn you citys’ leash, license and pooper scooper laws. They are written to protect you, your dog and the entire community.  City etiquette is not just for those “shi shi” dogs with the fancy clothing and diamond studded leashes but it’s for all dog owners who live in a city environment.

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