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How much exercise does your cat get? Buy lots of cat toys and play with her regularly!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

cats-playing-with-toysEven though cats sleep about 16 hours a day, they do require their share of regular exercise. One misconception to clear up is that cats do not get fat due to lack of exercise but rather by the wrong choice of food that they’re given.  Cats do not need as much exercise as dogs. They will usually run through the house to get exercise.  We do need to help them along with exercise. My cats love wand and fishing pole cat toys. In fact, that’s all that my younger cat Millie wants to play with. Every night at about 9:00pm, she starts “asking” me to play with her. She sits by her toys and begins to meow. She will run around like crazy for about 15 minutes or so then she’s done. Cats need to work their fast twitch fibers which are the main types of muscles that cats have.   Remember, cats are sprinters, not marathoners so 15 minutes per day is about enough exercise. Good cat furniture doubles as scratching posts, and  can also be used as exercise equipment. When a cat pulls themselves up on a vertical, carpeted surface, they are pulling they are pulling their entire body weight.  This kind of weight bearing exercise is excellent for their muscle type and it doesn’t take much to fill their needs. So spend some time with your cat everyday. It makes for great bonding and also keeps them in shape.

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