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September 2023

Poisoning, a danger for our pets

Monday, September 18, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

Recently in our community, someone found a dog treat with a tac inside. Remember there are really some sick people out there.

You may wonder why I always emphasize the fact that if you own a cat, its better to keep him indoors. One of the main reasons is that when I was a boy, I had a cat that I loved. My parents did not allow me to keep him indoors so I was forced to let him roam the neighborhood outdoors. He had a small house that my dad built in the back yard. I always wished that I could keep him indoors but the answer was always “no.”

He always came when I called him especially if I put out a fresh bowl of food.. One day, I called and called and my cat never came running like he usually did. As I searched all around, I stopped and peered into my neighbors yard, and there he was lying dead in front of my eyes. He’d been poisoned by the grouchy old next door neighbor. This guy had a garden and didn’t want my cat walking through it so he took it upon himself to solve the problem and poison him. The sight of my poor cat lying there never left me. Some people really hate cats and dogs and in my opinion, these people are sick. Nothing ever happened to the old crotchedy neighbor because my parents did not want to cause any trouble in the neighborhood. My dad just took the cat and buried it.

I always insist, that if you’re a cat lover, please keep you cat indoors and safely away for those screwball neighbors who may do him harm!

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