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December 2022

Pet Stress with Home Remodeling

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

Home remodeling can cause stress on both you and your pets. There’s always the mess, work and upheaval.  What an inconvenience! Imagine how our pets feel during this unsettling time.  They don’t know that all of the strangers in the house are actually being paid for this disruption. There are some ways that you could minimize the stress. If the construction is major, see if a friend or kennel can board your pet during the construction period. If not, keep pets confined to an area far away from the noise. Provide a cozy crate along with favorite dog or cat toys, blankets and clothes with your scent. When the workers go away, your pets may come out but keep them away from paints, solvents, nails or anything that could injure them. Try to maintain your normal routines during remodeling. Feed, walk and play with your pet as usual. This will help you both stay calm until the dust clears and the workers are gone! Remember, your pets count!

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