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March 2023

Obese cats – they may have health issues and wind up on pet medication

Monday, March 29, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy
This is not my cat Mollie, she is not nearly this heavy.

This is not my cat Mollie, she is not nearly this heavy.

Keeping your cat in good condition includes being aware of how much she eats. My older cat, Mollie is not that active. She is also a bit overweight. We have discussed this topic before but we must realize that overweight cats are uncomfortable and prone to health issues. About a year ago, one morning, Mollie had lots of trouble walking. She could hardly stand up. I rushed her to the animal hospital. It was possible that she had a blood clot which could be fatal. It turned out to be nothing serious and after a few days on a muscle relaxer pet medication, she was back to normal. This incident made me aware of how much she was eating. Too many treats, begging and free choice feeding could lead to an overweight pet. In addition to health concerns, an obese cat cannot lead an active, comfortable life. An affect could be a worsening cardio- pulminary function, increased incidents of arthritis and the pain associated with this., They don’t like to get up and move around as much because it’s harder on their body. In addition, an overweight cat may be grouchy from being too hot or may have trouble self grooming. So make sure you keep an eye on the amount of snacks and food that you feed her. My problem is that I tend to give Mollie too many snacks. I am now trying to cut back on the amount. You should monitor all aspects of your cats health along with the help of your veterinarian.

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