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December 2023

Millie’s New Friend

Saturday, September 2, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

Recently, we have been feeding a stray cat in our neighborhood. The cat as far as we know does not belong to anyone in our community. Since we already have two cats, and my older cat Molly has medical issues, we decided to feed him on our porch and not take him inside. Most of the time a feral cat is frightened of people. This is because they were always used to avoiding prey and have never been around any humans.

I would not recommend trying to acclimate a feral cat immediately to a completely new environment. If the cat seems friendly and lets you pet him and doesn’t seem to mind being around people, then I would first, let a Veterinarian examine him. I would then gradually introduce him to his new environment. Keep him in a separate room for while. If you have other cats, let them see each other but not have contact just yet. Gradually give the new addition more freedom until you feel confident that he will fit in fine with both your human and pet family.

In the meantime, I’m going to let Millie enjoy her new friend from behind closed doors. She enjoys waiting for him to arrive for his food each morning. When she sees him, she begins to jump up and purr. I believe that she would probably bond well with this cat but we have to keep him behind closed doors for now.

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