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Emergency Pet Services

Wednesday, August 23, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

emergencypetclinicI’ve had my two kitties for a long time. Molly is 18 and Millie is 12, during this time, I’ve had to take Molly to a 24 hour emergency clinic at the animal hospital twice. Once, about 10 years ago when she suddenly had trouble walking. I was very concerned that she may have a blood clot which could be fatal. It was Sunday and we were eating dinner when this occurred. I quickly placed her in her carrier, left all of the food and dishes on the table and drove to 24 emergency vet. Luckily we never found out what caused Molly’s to suddenly become lame but when the vet examined her, she suddenly was able to walk again. I was  glad for the 24 hour emergency service and glad that I took her.

Last month, Molly began vomiting and became extremely dehydrated due to advanced kidney disease, I took her to the emergency clinic here in Delaware and thank goodness I did. She would not have lasted too long. They hydrated her, examined her and found the cause of the vomiting. Since then, she is doing much better.

Even if your pet is not sick now, I would strongly recommend finding out where there’s and emergency pet clinic or an animal hospital that has emergency services in your area. Do a drive by to check it out and keep the number handy because you never know. Pets, like humans can suddenly have an emergency situation. Be prepared.

Remember your pets count!

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