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December 2023

Administering Pet Medication

Saturday, August 19, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

dogpillsMy older cat Molly requires several medications to help control her thyroid and kidney disease. Twice a day I line up Molly’s medications on the counter and become what seems like a mad scientist, mixing the proper doses into her food.

It’s imperative that you distribute the medication as prescribed by your vet. Never over or underdose and make sure that you administer the medication at the prescribed times.  Sometimes, it becomes necessary to change the time that the medication is administered. If this occurs, don’t skip the medication but rather administer it as close to the prescribed time as possible.

Make sure that your pet is taking their medication. Our little friends can be sneaky when it comes to taking their meds. I would place Molly’s thyroid pill into a pill pocket and give it to her. I would see that she was eating the pill pocket so I walked away only later to find the pill pocket gone and her little pink pill lying on the floor.

I had to develop a strategy. So I now give Molly, her pill before I feed her. I encourage her to eat her “greenie”(the tasty pill pocket containing the pill) and stay there to make sure that she swallows it. I tell  her that she’s good girl and then feed her. This seems to be working fine until Molly comes up with another way to trick me!

Monitor the medication carefully and if you notice anything such as lethargy, lack of appetite etc., always consult your vet immediately.

Remember, your pets count!


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