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September 2023

Dogs that lick and chew at their paws.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

dog-licking-pawIf your dog continuously chews, licks or picks at his paws, it may not be something physical. He could have obsessive compulsive disorder. Many times it’s called lick granuloma. This is a  form of self-trauma where the dog continuously licks a small area, most commonly the paw  becomes raw and inflamed. This behavior is related to stress, boredom or compulsiveness.

This excessive licking can cause tissue damage and delay healing. If you notice that your dog is licking or biting his paws, check them to make sure there’s no damage. If you notice that your dog has a minor cut or abrasion on his paw, wash the foot with an antiseptic soap and apply a topical antibiotic cream. If the laceration seems deeper, it can cause limping and you could see that your dog is actually in pain when he walks. Have him examined by a vet. If you dogs paw is just dry, apply vitamin E cream.

Obsessive compulsive disorder may be difficult to diagnose in a dog. I would recommend talking to your vet who may be able to direct you to the proper person to help with the diagnosis.

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