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December 2023

Don’t Start The Car!

Thursday, August 10, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy
Our loved ones are watching and guiding us in this life and the next!

Our loved ones are watching and guiding us in this life and the next!

Our blog usually covers tips and information about how to care for our pets but today, I’m taking a look at ourselves and our pets from a spiritual perspective. I’m a strong believer that our pets and loved ones guide and protect us when they enter the next life. They following is a true story that happened to me several years ago. This occurred prior to moving to Rehoboth Beach, permanently.

My partner and I were spending our usual two week vacation at our home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. One night I suddenly sprung up from a sound sleep. I heard the voice of my father, who had passed away back in 2004. It was as if he was right next to me and it was so real that it caused me quickly wake up and sit up in bed. My father said “don’t start the car.” That was it. I wanted so bad to hear more but that’s all he said to me.

When I was a kid, my father always wanted me to learn about how a car worked. He wanted me there when he worked on his own car. I would sit there and hand him the tools he asked for. How boring! I didn’t want to learn anything about cars, I just wanted them to go when I started the engine. He always said to me, “son, someday when you are stuck on some lonely road, you’ll wish you knew what caused the problem. It would make fixing it a lot easier!”

That morning at breakfast, I mentioned this strange encounter with my partner. We figured that it was just a very real dream but didn’t have any significant meaning.

Later that day, I dropped my partner off in downtown Rehoboth to do some shopping. It was a picture perfect day so I decided to take a drive down the coast. The coastline in southern Delaware is beautiful with sweeping views of the bay on one side and the ocean and natural coastline on the other. As I made my way down the coast enjoying the gorgeous views, , I realized that I needed gas. In Delaware, we pump our own gas as is the case in most other states except of course, New Jersey where I lived at the time. I pulled up to the pump, turned the car off, took the gas cap off and placed the gas pump in the slot. I noticed that it was a snug fit which was odd since usually, I never had to almost force the pump into the slot before. I began to pump the gas when suddenly I saw a sign that said “DIESEL.” Oh no, I just put diesel fuel into my car! I quickly jumped in the car with the intention of taking to a service center. As I went to turn the key, I suddenly thought of the advice that dad gave me in my dream the night before! DON’T START THE CAR! I ran inside and told the women behind the counter. Guess what was the first thing she said to me………………DON’T START THE CAR! Starting the car with diesel fuel in it would destroy the engine costing thousands in repair and probably totaling the car!

It all came together now! Dad was trying to protect me knowing his son was still a “dummy” when it came to cars. He gave me the strong message “DON’T START THE CAR!” before the event actually happened!

I actually felt comforted by this event because even after death, our loved ones and pets still guide and protect us in this complicated, sometimes dangerous world! We just have to clear the “static from our attic” to hear them!

Remember, your pets count!

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