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December 2023

Our Pets Suffer from Human Substance Abuse

Thursday, August 3, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

drunkAll kinds of substance abuse is very prevalent in our country. We all know how it destroys the lives of the abuse victim and all of the people around them including their pets. Our pets rely on us for love, companionship, exercise, and nutrition. I strongly believe that we have to be of sound mind to properly care for our pets.

Picture a hungry or thirsty dog sitting their waiting for his food or waiting to go for a walk and his owner is too inebriated to even realize that his best friend has needs that need to be fulfilled. So the dog sits there in silence suffering. I am more intolerant than most when it comes to substance abuse because I feel that the cause of it is the result of some very bad HUMAN choices.

I always aim to be in control and of sound mind to make competent decisions when in comes to my life and my pets. Our pets suffer in silence so if you need to seek help—-get rid of the substance abuse and get the help you need! It’s so much better to lead a clean life and be of full control of your emotions and

Be of sound mind, make the RIGHT choices!

Remember, your pets count.

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