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December 2023

Phosphorus Count and Feline Kidney Disease

Wednesday, July 26, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

kidney-diseasejpgKidney disease in cats is very complicated. It’s very difficult to balance all of the components that compromise the kidneys to sustain life and maintain quality. One component is Phosphorus. High phosphorus levels can make the disease progress more quickly. Boyd LM, Langston C, Thompson K, Zivin K & Imanishi M Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 22(5) pp1111-7, found that there was an 11.8% increase in the risk of death for every one mg/dl increase in phosphorus in the cat’s blood. It is vital that phosphorus levels are kept low in cats with kidney disease. The reason why my cat Molly, got so sick and dehydrated last week was because her phosphorus levels jumped up. Most cat foods don’t give the phosphorus level in the active ingredients. Phosphorus should be no more that 0.5% in cats with kidney disease.

If your cat has kidney disease and won’t eat a prescription diet that has lower protein and phosphorus levels, you must do some research and select foods that are low in phosphorus. I use Weruva with along with a phosphorus binder which removes phosphorus from the blood. I was including some other high quality food but they didn’t indicate the phosphorus levels. This may have cause Molly’s phosphorus levels to jump. She is now doing much better after this adjustment in her diet.

Renal failure is a catch 22, your have to be very careful to monitor your cat, check his blood regularly and feed him a high quality ,low phosphorus, low protein diet.

Remember, your pets count!

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