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Status Of Molly

Saturday, July 22, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy
Taking care of Molly

Taking care of Molly

Yesterday was a tough day for myself and my 18 year old cat Molly. As you know she is suffering from Kidney disease and she also has a thyroid condition. She began vomiting, stopped eating and became very listless.  When her conditioned worsened in the evening, I took her to the emergency 24 hour animal hospital near us. She was severely dehydrated as I suspected .With kidney disease, dehydration can occur very quickly. Various blood tests were run and it was determined that her kidney disease has advanced a little. There were also some other readings that were a bit troubling but right now, we’re focusing on her kidney disease.  Her phosphorus level jumped up significantly causing the nausea and vomiting.

She was hydrated and stabilized at the hospital. I was able to take her home. There are two new medications that I have to administer to her. One is a powder mixed with her food to make the phosphorus more tolerable to the kidneys and hopefully will reduce her nausea and vomiting. The other is Potassium Gluconate also helping kidney function.

She is a bit better, this morning she drank ,ate a little bit and stopped vomiting. I’m watching her closely and I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to spent more time with her. I’ll be taking her back to the vet in a week. They’ll check her hydration and overall condition.

I’m thankful to have her with me this long. Over the years, we’ve developed a special bond. Our furry little friends give us so much unconditional love. It’s only natural to do everything we can to keep them with us as long as we can.

Remember, your pets count!

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