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December 2023

Tried to Save Baby Birds This Morning

Wednesday, July 19, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

snakebirdsI woke up this morning to a disturbance on my porch. Let me back track a bit. I have several bird houses hanging on my porch. Small birds have been making the nest their home this summer. They built a nest and had a little family inside the bird house. These birds have since grown and left the nest but now there’s a new family in there. The eggs have hatched and the parent birds have been constantly bringing food into the bird house to feed the little ones. I hear the babies crying for their food when I walk past the bird house.

This morning, I heard lots of birds chirping on the front porch. I looked and saw the parent birds trying to bring food to the babies but when they approached the bird house they quickly turned away! They kept trying and trying and chirping louder and louder as if very frustrated. I knew something was wrong so I slowly opened to door to the bird house and there was an 8 inch snake curled up on top of the nest! I quickly grabbed an old plastic salad spoon and scooped the snake out of the nest. The nest was deep and I couldn’t tell if the baby birds were harmed. I hope not. After awhile, I saw that the parent birds were once again taking food inside the nest to feed the little ones. Sure hope that they’re ok. Hope that nasty snake doesn’t find his way back to the nest.

A little drama for a Wednesday morning. We must always be aware of predators when it comes to our pets!

Remember, your pets count!

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