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December 2023

My Cats are The Boss!

Saturday, July 15, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

catbossMy two cats Molly and Millie have my partner and I wrapped around their paws. We both spoil them to death. They usually get their own way whatever that may be. As you know, my cat Molly is 18 years old, has kidney disease and has hyperthyroidism. I feed her a special diet consisting of high quality protein wet food.  To reduce her vomiting, I feed her small portions at a time to limit the amount of acid in her stomach. Molly has two food dishes in separate rooms. She prefers her food wet. I put a small amount of food in each bowl. Molly will go from one bowl to the other and sit there. I’m constantly getting up and down to put more food in each bowl. If I don’t respond, she will eventually eat the left over food in each bowl. She knows that if she sits there and I see her, I will get up and give her more fresh wet food. My partner Jim says “she’s at the diner again!”

Millie likes to sleep on the couch, the place where my partner usually plops his butt when home. Millie is not pleased. She stands by the couch and meows telling Jim “you’re in my spot, get up!” Usually Jim does not comply and she goes away only to come back a few minutes later meowing even louder!

If Millie sits in the hallway and meows, that means she’s want someone, to go back to the bedroom and pet her. We have only one choice, we need to pet her in the bedroom. If we don’t get up and go to the bedroom and pet her, she will literally sit in the hall and meow and sometimes howl if she gets mad enough!

Every day, when I get out of the shower, I see Molly’s black tail at the door. As I open the door, there she is sitting there patiently waiting to be brushed. Of course I always will brush her but have to work this into my morning routine especially if I’m scheduled to work that day!

Our two feline friends have us hopping — I think I’ll skip the gym!

Remember, your pets count!

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