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November 2023

Reasons to Adopt an Older Cat

Monday, July 3, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

sheltercatIf you’re looking to adopt a cat, you’re probably tempted to adopt a little kitten. Kittens can be fun but can also be a lot of work.  Older cats are much easier to handle and you really should give them a chance if you’re in the market for a new furry feline friend!

While kittens are cute and playful, they don’t develop their personalities until the age of 2 years.When you adopt an older cat, you know the type of cat you’re getting. If he’s a friendly cat, he’s probably be that way for the rest of his life.

You must keep one thing in mind, if the cat lived in a nice home his whole life and is suddenly put in a loud, busy shelter, he may be traumatized and may display a different personality. Always ask the shelter staff which cats would be best suited for your particular situation.

If you want a cat declawed, an older cat may already be declawed and you will not have to put the cat through the surgery yourself.

The most important thing is that you will be saving a life! After a cat has been waiting a while, they may tend to get depressed, and it’s a downhill battle from there for staff to keep them alive. A depressed cat will often stop eating and refuse any specialty foods offered to it. The sooner an adult cat can get out of the shelter and into a home the better.

Adult cats tend to bond more quickly to their owners then kittens.It’s because they felt the fear and uncertainty of a shelter, now they feel safe, secure and comfortable with you. Adult cats are more laid back .They are more content lying comfortably on a bed then running all around the room every time they hear a noise.

So give an older cat a chance today, save a life!

Remember, your pets count!

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