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December 2023

Millie’s On The Job! and a Foam Disaster!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

catmouseLiving in a fairly wooded area, we see many kinds of animals roaming through the neighborhood. We’ve seen fox, deer, rabbits, lizards, snakes, raccoons, as well as a large variety of birds.

My younger cat Millie, has been spending lots of time in the bathroom lately and she’s not taking a shower or going to the bathroom. She sits in the corner and watches. Jim and I couldn’t understand why she is spending so much time in there. Last week when Jim came home from work, he went into the bathroom and there was Millie, cornering a mouse! I wasn’t very pleased. All of the commotion caused the mouse to run and disappear under the vanity.

How did the mouse get in? I felt under the vanity and discovered a fairly large gap between the boards. A mouse could easily fit through there.

Ok now how to I block the gap? A neighbor told me of a spray foam to fill gaps. I immediately went to Home Depot and bought a couple of cans. You may not know it, but I can be a very hasty person. So anxious to solve a problem that I sometimes will neglect some details, like reading the directions! I proceeded to spray the foam under the vanity to fill the gap and the foam went everywhere! The bad thing is that it dried so fast that I couldn’t clean it up fast enough! I got a paper towel (another not so smart move) and tried to wipe it up. The paper towel bonded to my hand because of the quick drying foam and my hand looked like a crusty white piece of cracked concrete! (did I think of wearing gloves? of course not) Well on with the cleanup! By now I had to scape the foam from the floor, vanity and toilet, yes my aim  is as good as my handyman skills! A very painstaking process to say the least. I did manage to clean up the foam but did some minor damage to the vanity. A little touch up paint took care of that. Unfortunately, my hand did not fare so well. It was a crusty white mess for about a day or two.

Now what about that mouse? Millie is still on patrol, looking all over for the mouse but I plugged up all gaps around the piping as well as the vanity so I hope she never sees another one. If it wasn’t for Millie, it would have taken much longer to discover where that pesky mouse came from!sprayfoamcartoon

Remember, your pets count!

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