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September 2023

Serious People and Computer Problems, Molly and Millie to the Rescue!

Friday, June 23, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

catscomfortThese past few weeks have been a bit rough emotionally for me. I moved down to Rehoboth Beach, a little over a year ago and although it’s been the best move that we’ve ever made, I’m disappointed because I’m slowly learning that past relationships which I thought were solid all these years are beginning to fade and fade very fast. Even though I always try to reach out to family and friends, I rarely hear from any of them. I have not heard from any of the people at the school that I used  to work at since I moved down here.  Calls made to a particularly close friend are not returned. A long time friend for 47 years was married and I found out by seeing a picture posted on Facebook. Needless to say, I’ve broken the chain with this person. The saying “out of sight, out of mind” certainly holds true in my case. I’ve been spending much to much time trying to justify these actions, but come up with nothing.

In addition to “people” problems, I’ve had serious computer problems over the past several weeks. My hard drive crashed, taking down my internet radio station and when the computer was returned from repair, a virus invaded it, destroying the operating system! After a painstaking restore process, all is up and running now.

So, as I close the curtain on New York and north Jersey, I am happy that we’ve met some really good friends down here and I am so grateful! I also have some wonderful friends in Philadelphia whom I can always rely on. As Bette Midler said in a recent interview,” how could I move forward if I keep stumbling over the past?”

Throughout all of this drama over the past few weeks, I felt the comfort of my pets,two cats, Molly and Millie, who are with me providing unconditional love and affection! I’ve been tense and a bit “down” and the comfort of my cats, has actually kept my blood pressure in check and lifted my mood. Our pets keep us grounded and constantly remind us that all they need is food, love and affection. They will always be there and expect nothing in return. They’re a lot simpler to deal with than people aren’t they? My story is proof that pets can really help in time of illness and crisis. Lets never forget the power of our little furry creatures!

Remember, your pets count!

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