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September 2023

Another Unusual Night With Molly

Tuesday, June 20, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

blackcat-bedAs you all know, my 18 year old cat Molly always gets what she wants and last night was no exception. Let me start from the beginning. Molly has thyroid and kidney disease. One symptom of kidney disease is vomiting mainly because of acid buildup in the stomach. I give Molly a combination of high quality wet food and add an omega oil to the food. I found that in Molly’s case, frequent, small feedings help with vomiting. Although this helps, it has created another habit for her.  She goes from dish to dish throughout the day and I get up and give her a tablespoon of her wet food. Now this ritual has transitioned into the night.

Last night, Molly woke me up about 4 times for her feeding. I of course complied with her wishes and got up to feed her. When she wakes me up, she jumps on the bed and puts her paw on my face.

Kidney disease causes many problems including muscle weakness. Over time, Molly’s back legs have become weak. She jumped off the bed last night and couldn’t get up. I jumped out of bed once again and picked her up. She was wobbly at first but quickly regained her balance and was fine. It’s always scary when this happens and it does happen once in awhile.

Back in a bit, Molly is now sitting by one of her bowls.It’s feeding time again!……………..Ok I’m back. As you can see, we will go to extremes for our pets. Now I need another nights sleep!

Remember, your pets count!

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