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December 2023

Quarreling Dogs

Friday, April 21, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

twodogbullsYou notice that your dog has your neighbors dog pinned to the ground. You took him over there for a pleasant visit but now you’re becoming a bit concerned. You also notice that both dogs are snarling. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between playing dogs and fighting dogs. Did you notice whether or not your dog faced your neighbors dog, crouched down with his four limbs nearly touching the ground, and was his rear raised in the air? Was his tail low, making short sweeps? If this is the case, play was on his mind. These fake brawls socialize dogs and teach them to inhibit their bites so they don’t cause injury. But if your dogs tail was high and upright, he’s displaying dominance. If your neighbors dog is trying to get away, and the snarling sounds scary, it might be a fight. Breaking up a fight can be dangerous. You should allow your neighbor’s dog to become submissive to end the action.

If your dog is aggressive toward other pets, it’s a good idea to keep him on his dog leash when visiting. Remember, your pets count!

Remember, your pets count!

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