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November 2023

Guilt Ridden After Accidentally Removing a Birds Nest!

Thursday, April 20, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

birdsnesteggsAs you know, I am an animal lover and will do anything to protect animals that are in danger. I am still sitting here feeling very guilty about what happened yesterday. I went outside to throw the garbage out when I decided to check our propane tanks. As I lifted the cover, I noticed what looked like a bunch of hey stuck near the meters  on top of the tank. Without thinking I removed the hay and a small bird flew out. I just realized that I had a birds nest with three tiny eggs inside in my hands. I was very upset. The tanks are scheduled to be refilled any day and the nest would have been distorted anyway, so I gently placed the nest in the thick bushes behind my house. I heard the screams of the mother who was nearby as I completed this despicable act! I felt like a heel!! The screaming finally stopped and I’m hoping that the mother bird is content in her new surroundings inside the nest caring for the eggs. Lesson learned, don’t be so impulsive!

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