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Up and Down with Molly

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy
Molly, my almost 18 year old has her ups and downs.

Molly, my almost 18 year old has her ups and downs.

Molly, as you know is my almost 18 year old cat that is battling a number of issues including kidney disease and hyperthyroidism. You may not be like me, but I get really attached to my pets and Molly has been an important part of my life for almost 18 years. Over the years, she has become very attached to me and I have spoiled her very much. So needless to say, I get stressed out because I am doing everything I can to maintain a quality of life for as long as I can. Our pets can’t live forever but I am grateful for everyday that Molly is here with me.

Over all, Molly has been holding her own. I’ve been making sure she eats and swallows her medication. Sometimes she sneaks away and spits it out!  This week has been particularly stressful, she has been vomiting more than usual. Because I tend to worry, maybe more than your normal cat owner, I want to made sure that she hasn’t taken a downward turn. Vomiting is common with kidney disease but recently, Molly has not vomited much at all, until now.

Cats with kidney disease must be given a special diet consisting of lower, high quality protein.  I also have to make sure that she is hydrated. Molly frequently sneaks into the laundry room to eat some of my younger cat (Millie’s) food. It’s dry food that is not good for her. This could be the reason for her increased vomiting. I have decided to move Millie’s food to the top of the dryer so Molly can’t get at it. Now this “worry wort” has to make sure that Millie knows where I’ve moved her food and I that she can easily get to it and is eating regularly.

We make great sacrifices for our pets. I will not go far on vacation because of Molly’s age and medical condition. This is my choice and I am fine with it. I am grateful to have Molly with me and I know that she would prefer me there with her as she makes her way through her golden years.

Remember, your pets count!

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