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January 2023

Psychic Pets – Do they have a sixth sense? Don’t be surprised if your dog jumps out of his dog bed in the middle of the night and runs around.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

psychic-petsDid you know that dogs and other animals have demonstrated psychic ability?  The sixth sense of dogs has been tested and demonstrated many times. They have sensed many things including the arrival of a loved one or even when a loved one was about to die. They have sensed natural disasters before they were about to happen. In the early 90’s, my dog became very agitated about 4 am on a Saturday morning. He jumped out of his dog bed and began barking and running around the room. A few seconds later, I heard a loud bang and felt a slight shaking which lasted  a couple of seconds. It turns out that a rare earthquake had occurred in Westchester County, New York and the rumble could be felt in my home which was at the time in Hoboken, NJ.

Dogs have also sensed people’s heart attacks, strokes, seizures and even cancer. They have found their way back home when taken far from their loved ones. There have even reacted to the presence of a ghost. I’ve noticed that at certain times, my cat would look up and then run around when there was absolutely nothing there or even when there wasn’t even any noise.

I’ve read many stories about dogs howling right before a loved ones death.  Read the book “Your Psychic Pet” by Richard Webster. I’m sure that you’ll find it very interesting.

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