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October 2023

Water Is Essential For Cats

Saturday, March 25, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

automaticwater-fountainWater is a very important part of a cats diet and cats seem not to drink enough of it. ┬áIn order to prevent diseases and dehydration, you must ensure that your cat is drinking enough of fresh water. A cats water bowl should be filled at all times and should be changed frequently. I provide clean water and change the water bowls several times a day. I use filtered water only. My cats weren’t drinking enough water. I provide two water bowls and have also added an automatic water fountain that my younger cat Millie has claimed. The fountain provides fresh flowing water at all times and my cats love it. I change the water and clean the filter once a week. Today, while I was cleaning the fountain, Millie was sitting and staring at me meowing as if to say “where is my water?” If your cat doesn’t drink enough water, an automatic water fountain may be the answer. They cost between $80 and $120 and are available at Petco and other large pet stores. They are well worth the investment!

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