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October 2023

The Life Span Of Parrots

Thursday, March 23, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

peopleparrotMy partner loves birds and works at a hotel where there are two parrots in the lobby. He has grown to love these birds and frequently takes them out and has them sit at the front desk with him. We discussed getting one of these fantastic birds for ourselves but the same subject always comes up, our age and the lifespan of a parrot. The bottom line is that the bird will probably outlive us. Parrots get very attached  and would be heartbroken and may even die if they lose their owners. So that remains a big problem.  So at this point, adopting a parrot is off the table.

If you are considering adopting a beautiful parrot, you should also consider it’s lifespan and whether or not the bird can be provided for after you’re gone. has provided a list of birds and their life span. Take a look, you may be surprised.

Listed below are some estimated life spans for common parrots and other pet birds. These are, of course, based on having a healthy bird kept under ideal conditions. In reality, there is a wide range in the age that pet birds might reach, and certainly some will live longer than the ages listed below:

Budgies: 15 years
Macaws: 60 years
Doves and Pigeons: 20 years
Macaws: 50-100+
Cockatoos: 40-60+
Amazons 50-70+
African Grays: 50-60+
Eclectus: 65-85
Conure: 12-30
Lories and Lorikeets: 13-25
Caique: 30 years
Senegal: 50 years
Cockatiel: 12-20 years
Parakeets 7-18 years
Lovebirds: 15-25 years
Canaries: 10-15 years
Finches: 5 -10 years
Green-Winged Macaw: 64 years
Blue and Gold Macaw: 43 years
Military Macaw: 30 years
Pekin Robin: 15 years

Remember, your pets count!

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