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December 2023

Cat Stuck in Tree

Wednesday, March 8, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

catintreeIt’s a very common scene. One that’s appeared in many cartoons and TV shows. A cat climbs a tree and becomes too scared to climb down. Unfortunately, this is also occurs frequently in real life. Cat claws are curved downward which makes it very easy to climb up a tree or go down a tree backwards. If your cat is new to tree climbing, she might try to go down head first which doesn’t work. If your cat gets stuck up in a tree, you should rescue her right away before she gets dehydrated and weak. If your cat is too high for you to reach, you may need to call an Arborist or tree service. Lots of people rely on the fire department to help but their job is to save human lives and may not be able to spare the time or the equipment. Remember, your pets count!

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