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How To Clean Your Dogs Ears

Saturday, March 4, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

cleaningearsCleaning your dogs ears should only be done if your dog does not have an infection in them. If he does, wait for it to heal before attempting to clean them. Some things you will need is an ear cleaner for dogs. Most pet suppliers will carry herbal ear cleaners if you are more comfortable using this type of product. You’ll also need cotton pads. The circular kind used for removing makeup are the best. Now, you will need patience. Make sure that you do this at a time when you are not rushing somewhere. If your dog is not used to getting his ears cleaned, I would recommend that you give him an ear massage first. Gently squirt some ear cleaning in his ear before massaging. Now, you must be patient. Some dogs hate this and will run away when you squirt the cleaner in their ears for the first time. Gently use the pad of your fingertips around the edge of his ear until he relaxes for you. Your dog can now associate touching his ears with a relaxing experience. As he relaxes, you can go further into the ear. Look at the curves and grooves in the ears to see how dirty his ears are. Just keep your fingers on the areas that you can see.

Take the pad and soak it with the ear cleaning solution. Once the pad is ready, gently slide it in your dogs ear until it stops. Once the pad is in the ear canal, fold the ear down and gently massage the area surrounding the pad. Rub the ear back and forth as best you can. If you do this right, your dog will probably love you for it!

Take the pad out and use it to swab the rest of the ear.

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