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June 2023

When your cat suddenly doesn’t use his litter box. All you’ve been doing is using pet odor removal products to clean up the mess!

Sunday, March 14, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-fight-2When a cat who in the past had no problems using his litter pan and then suddenly begins urinating all over the floor, the problem could be either physiological or psychological. I would take him to the vet for a check up to rule out any physical problem.  Once the vet rules out any urinary or physical problems, then I would look to behavior issues that could have caused this change in behavior. Is he scent marking or flat out urinating? Have there been any changes in his environment?   Did you get a new carpet, new furniture, or a new pet? Changes in a cats world can cause him to “mark” his territory. Also, think about what’s happening to cause the cat to be nervous. Are you or your spouse gone more than usual? In my case, my younger cat, Millie suddenly began to urinate on the rug in the dining room.  I was constantly using pet odor removal products.It turns out that my older cat, Mollie, would chase her away from her litter box and block her from getting into the bathroom to use her litter. Mollie is my oldest and when I adopted Millie, Molly became very resentful. This resentment still continues to this day. Things are better now after I added additional litter boxes.

Never hit or scold your cat if this happens. Just relax and see if you could determine the cause of the problem.

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