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Believe It Or Not, Keeping A Cat Outdoors During Cold Weather Can be Very Dangerous

Friday, February 3, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

catoutdoorwinterKeeping cats¬†outside during cold weather can be extremely dangerous. This is especially true if your cat is an indoor cat. Extreme cold can cause hypothermia in a very short period of time. If you do let your cat outdoors, remember that he will have to come in more quickly during the winter. Remember, never let your cat out in the cold if he is wet. If you do give your cat a bath, make sure that he is completely dry before letting him outside if the weather is cold. Also, make sure that he has a way of getting back inside quickly. Also make sure that your cat has no way of getting outside. If it’s very cold and your inside cat gets out, hypothermia can set in before your cat figures out how to get back inside. Don’t take any changes, always check on your cat. If you have a dog, you put on his coat or dog sweater before taking him out in the cold weather. Cats do not wear clothes and just rely on their fur to keep them warm. If your cat is a short hair, he is much more sensitive to the cold weather.

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