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December 2022

What toys do cats like best? The fishing pole cat toy? Balls? Stuffed animals?

Monday, July 13, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

011 Many cats enjoy playing with catnip toys, balls that make some kind of  jingling sound, milk rings, pom poms etc. I have two cats. My oldest cat, Mollie does not anything except a toy that has catnip in it. She likes to get high every now and then! She does not like any other toys. In fact, if you dangle a toy on a string in front of her, she gets mad and runs away! My other cat, Mille, on the other hand, loves toys. She loves to push the little balls around the house. She especially loves the fishing pole cat toy. In fact, she cries everynight for someone to play with her with this toy. If we don’t play with her, she does things to get our attention like go behind the TV where’s she’s not allowed! She also runs around the house and cries. This happens until we give in and play with her.  If we come home late and do not have a chance to play with her with her fishing pole toy, we will find them scattered all over the house in the morning (She has lots of them!). This is so we will get the message! Most cats love to play. Make sure you make some time everyday to play with yours.

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