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December 2023

Sneaky Molly

Sunday, December 18, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

pillpocketsCats are intelligent animals and if there’s a way to get their way, they will find it. I’ve been giving Molly one pill a day for her hyperthyroidism. I’ve been using greenies pill pockets to hide the pill. Molly loves the greenies and has been taking her pill with ease everyday. I recently noticed her pills on the floor. Molly has now discovered that there’s a pill inside that tasty little treat. Now giving her pill is not an easy process. She knows that the pill is inside the little treat and will carefully eat around the pill and leave the it lying on the floor. Last night I had a difficult time getting her to take her pill! I talked to her, pet her then raised my voice. Finally, I said “forget it.” I went back about an hour later, put a little water on the pill pocket and gave her the pill once again. This time she did eat it. I had to stand there and encourage her till she ate the whole thing.  We’ll go through anything we need to for the sake of our pets!

Molly the sneaky cat

Molly the sneaky cat

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