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November 2023

Another Scare with Molly’s Health

Thursday, December 15, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy
Another health scare with Molly!

Another health scare with Molly!

My 17 and a half year old cat Molly has kidney disease and a thyroid condition. I’ve been carefully monitoring her health and making sure that she is comfortable and is not in any pain. She has been doing quite well lately but today she gave me a real scare. I’m not working today, so decided to sleep a little later than I normally do. She jumped on the bed about 7:30am to try and coax me into getting up. I then heard some noise in the corner of the room. I know that Molly is territorial and doesn’t like my other cat Millie invading her territory so I figured that they were at it again. I got up and found Molly lying down in a funny position. I picked her up and she flopped back down. I tried to get her to walk and she wobbled and flopped back down. Of course, my heart dropped into my stomach. I picked her up and rubbed her hind legs. I then put her back down and she began walking slowly. Within minutes she was chasing Millie down the hallway. I have no idea what happened but she is ok now. I take Molly’s condition one day at a time. Right now, I’m just glad that she bounced back!

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