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How Cats Show Love

Saturday, December 10, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

cataffectionCats do show love for their owners only they do it differently than dogs do. Yes, cats are independent creatures so they will probably not come to greet you when you come home. My cat Molly is with me all the time. Right now she is snuggle next to me on the chair while I write this. The following information provided by The shows the different ways that a cat show is love and affection for his owner.

Felines have their own unique means of expressing affection. The face rub, for example, is a grand romantic gesture in feline terms. Your pet has scent glands on his cheek and when he caresses your face with his, he’s telling you that you belong to him and are a cherished part of his family. The feline kiss, bestowed via a leisurely blink, is Tinker’s way of telling you that he loves and appreciates you. People often express their love for their kitties in a more traditionally human romantic way. 

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