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December 2023

Maintaining A Cat with Chronic Kidney Failure’s Health

Sunday, November 20, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

catkidneyastrosoilMy 17 year old cat and best friend Molly has Chronic Kidney disease and hyperthyroidism. This is a difficult combination of two serious diseases to maintain. Molly has been on medicine for her Hyperthyroidism for almost a year and she is doing well. Chronic Kidney Failure is more difficult to maintain. This is normally a fatal disease that affects many senior cats. Treatment is tricky. First and foremost, the cat must eat and drink. Dehydration is very common in cats of CRF (Chronic Kidney Failure) . Always make sure that the cat has fresh water to drink and is drinking it! If not, you’ll have to hydrate your cat through fluids injected under her skin. Your vet will tell you if this is necessary and how to do this. Another important component is that your cats diet should consists of low protein, low phosphorus high quality food. Vets normally recommend a prescription diet. Molly doesn’t care for this food but I mix it with another high quality, low protein food by Weruva. I have to make sure that Molly eats her food. Sometimes I find her munching on my other cat, Millie’s dry food which is not good for her. It is preferred to feed a cat with CRF wet food as this insures that the cat is getting some of the moisture that it needs.

I also add a high quality of omega oil to her food. I use Astro’s CRF Oil. You can click and read all about it.

So far, it’s been almost one year since she was first diagnosed. She has put on weight and is eating and drinking. The previous symptoms of her hyperthyroidism are gone. (weight loss, excessive drinking, which is also common in cats with CRF and seizures) I am taking it one day at a time. You really have to do to the best you can and work hard to maintain a cat with CRF’s quality of life.

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