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May 2022

Should dogs be left alone for an extended period? Make sure there’s plenty of water in their dog water bowl.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

dog-left-aloneIf you are thinking of leaving your dog alone for a long period of time, then don’t be surprised of the behavior issues that he might develop. This is not recommended. Being alone, he has to deal with two big problems. First problem, the physic and emotional discomfort. He now feels free and he doesn’t know what he can and cannot do. He will feel stressed because there is no one around and he is afraid of doing something that can get him punished.  The second problem is the need for a dog to be permanently around people or other dogs. If you are working all day, it is really a good idea to have someone come and walk him during the day, even if you have to hire that person. Experts recommend that you start spending a few hours a day with your dog at a very early age.  You should also introduce him to as many friends and neighbors as you can at an early age. This will help him get used to people and different situations as he continues to grow.  It is important to make up the time you miss with your dog. If you are a work- a- holic, then make sure that you spend significant time with him on weekends and days off  (if there are any!). This is not to sound cruel but if you are always at work, maybe it would be better if you didn’t own a dog. It is not fair to him.

If you do leave him alone once in a while, make sure there is always plenty of water in his dog water bowl.

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