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December 2023

Heartless Killing of Innocent Animals Just For Fun

Wednesday, September 28, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

shootsquirrelA rabbit runs though a yard and nibbles on some plants, the enraged home owner runs to his drawer, pulls out his gun and shoots the rabbit dead. These horrible things are going on all the time. Do these poor, innocent animals deserve to die? There is an underlying evil in lots of people who get a thrill out of killing. Even if it’s only a small innocent animal.They were put on earth just like we were. Some stupid excuses that you may hear are  “oh that squirrel eats all of the bird food, so it deserves to die!” How sick!  Especially when there are effective products on the market to keep certain animals away from shrubs and plants. People in America are gun happy. I believe that there is really an underlying evil, instability or call it what you may in many of these gun toting individuals. Gun violence in this country must stop but also the violence must include the killing of thousands of innocent little animals. Get the sickness out of humans!!!!! It’s not the animals that are ruining the world. it’s the humans!

Remember this when you take your little dog for a walk on his leash or buy some new dog or cat toys, or run around the park with your dog and toss around his favorite dog toy. Animals are innocent creatures and should never be shot “just for the fun of it” or just because they “nibble on your plants!” Go the the freakin store and buy an animal repellent you evil, lazy idiot!!

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