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December 2023

Changes in Your Cats Mood

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

catgrumpSome days we feel like a million bucks other days,we feel bummed out and want to be alone. Our cats are the same as us in this way. Today, my older cat Mollie got up and crawled under the bed. She usually follows me all over the house and craves my attention. Today ,she may not be feeling well and wants to be alone. ¬†She does have hyperthyroidism and Kidney disease and I’m always aware of any changes in her behavior. She does not like her prescription diet and sometimes during the night she will sneak and eat my younger cat Millie’s dry cat food which she is not supposed to have. I gave her a cat treat and a little more attention today.¬†Maybe she just wants to be alone today. Respect you cat’s moods and always give her lots of love. Never scold her, it will get her more upset. Tomorrow she’s be back to her “normal” self and will be craving all of your attention as usual. Buy her a new cat toy with some cat nip in it. It’s sure to get her going.

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