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The Important of Spending Time With Your Pet In Their Golden Years

Thursday, September 22, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

ownerpolderWhen your geriatric cat or dog enters the “golden age of life,” he might slow down but his mind is still active. To help your senior pet stay happy and active, spend more time, not less doing the things he always enjoyed. Cats might not play as vigorously but any activity with you would be a treat. Grooming is always appreciated too. My cat Molly is 17¬†and she loves to be brushed everyday. It’s something that she actually looks forward to. She sits outside the bathroom door each day and waits until I’m finished with my shower. That’s her brush time.The sound of your voice is also comforting to an older pet. I’m very grateful that I can spend some extra quality time with Molly in her golden years. It’s something that I would never give up!

Keep giving dogs the chance to socialize. Just a slow walk in the park or an organized activity with some of their favorite dog toys will do. Some senior pets may even teach a younger pet some of the wisdom that they learned along the way.

Remember, your pets count!

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