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May 2022

Why some cats like to play with cat toys and some don’t.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-with-toyI have two cats. My older cat, Mollie never liked to play with cat toys such as those that dangle on a string or little ones that make noise.  My younger cat Millie, is a very active and at 9:00pm every night she sits by her toys and meows. I have to play with her for about 45 minutes.  She loves to chase her toys on a string.

Some cats prefer toys that mimic the sounds, textures of movements of prey. I think my cat, Millie thinks that the moving toy is a bird. Cat toys that are on the market are designed to squeak, move, twitter or swing. There are many to choose from. Some cats prefer leather or fur. My cat loves feathers. She goes through them so fast that I am constantly buying her new ones. Some cats like to chase toys that roll.  If your cat lives indoors, he needs  exercise so make sure that you make some time each day to play with him.

My older cat Mollie never liked to play. When I try to play with her, she grunts and runs away. She’s a funny one.  She will rather snuggle next to me while I’m watching TV. In fact, she’s lying  next to me as I’m typing this. I better hurry up or she will get mad and shut my computer down!

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