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November 2023

What To Do If You Miss A Dose of Heart Worm Medication

Saturday, September 10, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dogmedsHeart Worm is a disease that is spread by mosquitoes. The hot humid weather that the northeast had this summer was a breeding ground for thousands of them. Your dog could be at risk if you live in an infested area. If your veterinarian recommends a monthly preventative Heart Worm medication, make sure that you administer it regularly until your vet tells you that it’s safe to stop for the winter. In some areas, dogs may need this medication year round. If you forget to give your dog his Heart Worm medication one month, call your vet. He’ll likely recommend that you give your dog his heart worm medication pill as soon as you realized that you missed it and then continue as normal next month. Don’t make this decision yourself, always consult your vet. Usually missing one dose is not a problem, but if you forget for two consecutive months, your dog may be susceptible to Heart Worm so ask your veterinarian to check him out. You should also consider various flea and tick products in addition to heart worm medication. This way your pet is covered.

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