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November 2023

Are There Lower Maintenance Dogs?

Sunday, September 4, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

chiwawa2cutechiwawaIf you have a busy schedule and you are thinking about getting a dog, you may want to choose a breed that likes to lie around, like a couch potato. You may also want to choose a dog that’s low maintenance when it comes to grooming. For example, a small, short haired dog such as a Chihuahua will not need as much grooming as a long haired Golden Retriever. Boxers and Beagles are also easier to groom. Their short hair is not prone to mats and you could easily remove ticks if you need to. Always remember, no matter what breed you choose, your dog will still need lots of attention. He may not shed as much as a Sheep dog or run as much as a Collie, but he will still need regular walks, exercise and grooming sessions. So when thinking about a dog, don’t forget about that dog leash and dog toy just yet and make sure you have plenty of dog treats! If your schedule requires that you work long hours or have to travel frequently, consider a cat instead. It’s just not fair for the dog.

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