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December 2023

A Cats Unusual Eating Habits

Wednesday, August 31, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

catfridgeCats usually will eat multiple small meals per day. I put my cats food out in the morning and they will go back and forth for small portions throughout the day. Some owners notice differences on how cats eat their cat food.

Some cats will gobble down their food like dogs do while others are finicky and pick at their food. Some will even pick up mouthfuls of food and go and eat it away from their cat bowls. Some cats eats at specific times and some like my younger cat Millie will eat when no one else is around. Some cats will eat only canned cat food while others will eat only dry. Millie prefers dry only but will occasionally take a nibble at wet food.

Vetstreet says that your cat’s expectations are also about predictability. If your cat expects a good outcome, he will thrive in most situations. Expecting a bad outcome, or even more importantly, not knowing what to expect, can be very threatening to a cat. This is especially important in indoor cats because they are confined and have much less control of their surroundings than do their owners, who literally control every aspect of the cat’s life, including where and when he can eat, drink, eliminate, explore, etc.

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