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September 2023

Feeding Serving Sizes For Cats

Friday, August 26, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

cattableWhether you have a cat or a kitten or whether your cat is big or small,¬†they must be fed a nutritious diet. Work with your vet to determine, the correct weight for your cat. Then make sure that the cat food you’re giving him is nutritious. We’ve discussed how to examine the ingredients in cat food but the first product should not be grains, it should be meat, chicken or fish. Look at the package to determine how much cat food you should feed your cat. Keep this in mind. Cat food manufacturers often list the high range of a serving size on the package because it means your cat will eat more, which means you’ll buy more. You must also consider your cat’s activity level. If your cat is running around chasing cat toys all day, they will probably eat the amount of food that the package recommends. If your cat is older and sleeps most of the day, they will eat less. I would show your vet the food that you’re feeding your cat and let him read the label to determine the amount that your cat should be eating.

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