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September 2023

Is Your Dog a Barker?

Thursday, August 25, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

barking dogSome dogs will bark at everything. If they look out the window and see another dog on his leash being walked by his owner, off he goes. If he hears a car pass, there goes that barking again!  Some dogs bark at things that most other dogs ignore some will bark if they’re frustrated. Don’t yell at your dog when he barks. This is the mistake that most owners make. Don’t try to calm him with a dog treat. This is only reinforcing bad behavior. You may want to consider obedience training.  This may help fix the frustration barking problem. If your dog learns to sit before doing something fun like going outside to chase his dog toys, going for a long walk, he may learn to control his impulses. If you dog is outside all day, keep him inside more often may help compulsive barking. I would work with a vet or a trainer to keep this problem under control.

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