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December 2023

Facts on Ferrets

Thursday, August 18, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

ferretsYesterday, I had to go into the pet store to buy some items for my cats. I noticed two cute ferrets cuddled up together in a cage. They are cute but there are things that you should know before adopting a ferret.

Ferrets are not cheap. You have to pay for the ferret but also for the equipment to keep him safe and sound.

  1. You have purchase basic equipment such as bedding,cages, litter boxes, bowls and toys etc..
  2. Ferrets need high quality ferret food which costs more that the cheaper food. If you have more than one ferret, the more you’ll spend ¬†on feeding them a high quality diet.
  3. Your ferret will need to be spayed or neutered. You should do this early on. Spaying and neutering will reduce odor.
  4. Ferrets need to be cared for by a vet. In addition to routine check-ups, your ferret ought to be given annual rabies and distemper vaccinations, along with heartworm medication (it should be remembered that certain vaccinations might be required by law). As your ferret gets older, it may develop health problems and will require more visits to the vet as well as pet medication
  5. Ferrets live between six and eight years.

Before adopting a ferret, do your research to determine whether or not you want to make this commitment.

Remember, your pets count.

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