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March 2024

The Work Of The House Rabbit Society

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

rabbiadoptWe are always talking about sheltered dogs and cats and pet adoption. The House Rabbit Society is a nonprofit international organization who’s main purpose is to rescue abandoned rabbits and find permanent adoptive homes for them.  They want to reduce the number of abandoned bunnies and also want to help the public understand these often misunderstood companion animals .The House Rabbit Society was founded in 1988, and since this time, over 30,000 rabbits have been rescued through their foster homes across the United States. Many of the rabbits at the shelters have run out of time are were scheduled for euthanasia. The House Rabbit Society neuters or spay all incoming rabbits, and obtain any necessary veterinary care.

As a former rabbit owner, I always found the House Rabbit Society to be  the best source for resources pertaining to the health and welfare of our pet rabbits. Their website is

The House Rabbit Society can provide resources to new rabbit owners such as habitats, Rabbit food, feeding procedures, cage cleaning etc.

Over the past 20 years, The House Rabbit Society has grown from 300 to more than 8,000 members.

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