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Important Questions To Ask A Shelter When Adopting a Dog

Saturday, August 13, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

adoptpetYou’re at the shelter and want to take home all of the dogs needing home but can’t. You choose one lucky dog and are so excited to get him into his new home. My advice, take your time and make sure that you ask these important questions before finalizing the adoption.

  1. Does the shelter know anything about the dogs history? What kind of life did he have before he entered the shelter? Was he fed quality dog food? Was he abused? etc. If the shelter doesn’t have that information, don’t worry. A couple of visits and to get to know the dog one on one will really help.
  2. Does the shelter have medical history on the dog? This is very important. Any known health issues should be disclosed. If the animal has a long term or progressive illness, do your research. You don’t want to take on more than you can handle.
  3. Is the dog spayed or neutered?
  4. Does the dog have all of his shots?
  5. Does the shelter know of a good veterinarian? Find a vet before you adopt. The best way to find a good vet is through word of mouth. Ask the family, friends and the shelter for recommendations.

Make sure you’re prepared to take the dog home. Quality dog food, a comfy dog bed, a dog crate or carrier, dog leash and collar are essentials to have before you bring your new friend home.

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