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November 2023

An Easier Way To Give Your Cat A Pill

Thursday, August 11, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

greenie pill cpocketcatpillGiving your cat a pill can be an arduous and stressful task both for you and your pet. You do everything to get your feline friend to take his/her medication. Cat treats are offered, you even try to sneak the pill into theirĀ cat food but nothing seems to work. Vets teach you to pop the pill down your cats throat but cats are very clever and you’ll usually find them hiding under the bed when it comes time to take their pill.

My cat Molly has to take a pill for hyperthyroidism twice per day. I have discovered that cats love their treats and Greenies makes a soft cat treat with a small pocket where you can put the pill. The product is call Greenie pill pockets. Molly loves it. She even waits for her pill every morning and evening. Molly is spoiled so she wants that Greenie treat all the time. They come in two flavors chicken and salmon. The problem is that pill pockets are expensive. They cost about $8.99 for about 40 pill pockets. I spend lots of money on Molly’s pill pockets but they work and makes it easy to administer her pet medication.

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