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December 2023

Older Dogs Increased Vocalization

Sunday, August 7, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

olderdogattentionAs your dog gets older, he probably will experience more stress which can result in barking, howling or whining. This can occur as a result of separation anxiety and decreased mobility. (They may want you to come to him.) or cognitive dysfunction.

Don’t ignore the increased vocalization, the cause should be identified. Ask your vet about some pet medication that may help. If you’re sure that your do is doing it for attention, then he should be ignored. Try throwing a dog toy his way. Don’t throw it at him but throw it to distract him and he may stop whining or barking. This is called remote correction. If you know that the increased vocalization is used to get attention, then you have to review the amount and type of attention that you are giving your dog. You may have to make some adjustments.

Like humans, older dogs can get a bit cranky. I certainly can and I am more vocal than I was when I was younger. Don’t stop giving your older dog attention but try to do it on your terms. Provide some incentives like giving him a dog treat once in awhile when he stops barking or whining.

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