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December 2021

Are Parrots Smarter than Dogs?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

greyparrotDogs can join the police force, monkeys are primates and in ways similar to humans but did you know that parrots could be the smartest animal of them all? A new study showed that the African Grey Parrot performed as well as a three year old on a mental test.

This test involved hiding pieces of walnut inside one of two containers. the two containers were shaken, then the parrot used his beak to overturn one of the containers. According to the Daily Mail, the parrot chose the correct container 70 -80 percent of the time.

This high percentage shows that the parrots are able to link the rattling sound to food. They can understand that when an empty container was shaken, the food was in the alternate container. Very impressive! This behavior was shown in the great ape but never in any non human animal.  So realize that your African Grey Parrot in is bird cage is much smarter than you think.  Maybe some extra bird toys may be in order for this amazing bird.

I would like to thank Webvet for providing much of the information.

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